Miin Triuwa – I Am True Improvisation, composition, language and culture meet, merge and influence each other. Under The Surface knows no boundaries. On their extraordinary third album, the group reflects on their own background and finds their own “folk”. After the group’s first two completely free-improvisation albums, Under The Surface (2017) and Trinity (2019), […]

One of the most illogical concerts I have ever organized was for the Yuri Honing trio in the 90s. We played at the Tbilisi guitar festival in Georgia as the only guitar-less band and were programmed again two years later. That, and many other experiences, taught me that more is possible than you think. Two […]

In March 2019, this unique three-piece band are due to release their latest and fully improvised live album. Trinity will transport you to a hidden world of tenderness, ire, refuge, bliss, solitude, tranquility and sorrow. Joost Lijbaart, Bram Stadhouders and Sanne Rambags use improvisation to seek out and explore space and silence. They have shared […]

The new album Under the Surface is out now. In the album “Under the Surface”, the Dutch trio consisting of drummer Joost Lijbaart, vocalist Sanne Rambags and guitarplayer Bram Stadhouders, are seeking the sound behind silence in 11 exciting improvisations. Joost Lijbaart (1967), known from his work with saxophonist Yuri Honing, plays on the album […]