Sanne Rambags sparkles in artistic musical adventure

A Review by Ella en Eddy Westveer on Jazzradar

At the end of 2015 we were at a Guitar Stop Walter Stadhouders at a Nut Stop session. There Joost Lijbaart’s new and unknown trio played on percussion, Bram Stadhouders on guitar and laptop and the young vocalist Sanne Rambags. It was one of their very first concerts. Now almost four years later, everyone in the Netherlands knows the trio Under the Surface and has come to the surface like a comet; not least because of the distinctive vocal language of Rambags. They toured all over the world and gained a lot of new experience. And in free improvisation, they learned to respond perfectly to each other.

Friday the thirteenth

It is Friday the thirteenth and almost full moon when we head to Tilburg to listen to the trio Under the Surface again. Sanne Rambags has been a volunteer for years in Paradox. As a hostess she receives musicians there and she also speaks musician language in a different way. It feels like her second home. Yet there is now another tension. It was about two years ago that she stood before her own audience with this trio. So it’s pretty exciting!

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