Under the Surface

Joost Lijbaart – drums & percussion
Bram Stadhouders – guitar & electronics
Sanne Rambags – lyrics & vocals


Three generations of unique Dutch musicians find each other in a common urge to improvise in which aesthetics, poetry and ensemble play have a major role. The listener is taken to an almost dreamlike new reality. 

Under the Surface is a new Dutch band formed by drummer Joost Lijbaart (1967), guitarist Bram Stadhouders (1987) and vocalist Sanne Rambags (1994).  Their debut album released on Challenge Records in 2017 was nominated for an Edison.

The improvisations of Under the Surface are far from abstract and sound as thoughtful compositions; Rambag’s voice rhymes, whispers and sings over the melody lines of Stadhouders and the subtle percussion of Lijbaart. The atmosphere is made out of silence and reveals the pure  kindred spirit communion between the musicians.

The universal language of music took the group to major festivals around the world; to Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The fully improvised concerts of Under the Surface continue to be an experience for both band and audience. This experience can be heard beautifully on the live album Trinity that was released in 2019.

 … Improvised music on high-level … “(Music frames, Mattie Poels)

… An elusive way of improvising … “(Coen de Jonge, Jazzism **** 1/2 *)

Under the Surface plays at the most far-flung places such as major jazz and world music festivals, living rooms, museums, on the roofs of buildings and in churches. They take the audience into a hidden world in which tenderness, anger, safety, joy, loneliness, peace and sadness play a role and that makes the groups concerts literally a musical journey to the limits of the human soul.


A mysterious and monumental piece of art
(Rinus van der Heyden – Jazznu)

An extraordinary and thrilling combination. Dutch vocalist Sanne Rambags is a storyteller who balances between magic and reality. And that for a 22 year old girl.
(Erno Elzinga – Jazzenzo)

The listener gets enchanted by the beautiful and exact playing.
(Gijsbert Kramer – De Volkskrant)

These three musicians create a palette of musical atmospheres that brightens your ear like a prism.
(Matti Poels, Musicframes)

The excellent recording quality makes the “reading” of this music an intellectual and emotional pleasure
(Hifi stars)

Powerful music without compromise
(Nederlands Dagblad)

Sparkling music where sound and silence are each equivalent and makes you feel small.
(Music Frames)

Melodies are rocking back and forth, expanding like they arise on the spot.

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