New album out

The new album Under the Surface is out now.

In the album “Under the Surface”, the Dutch trio consisting of drummer Joost Lijbaart, vocalist Sanne Rambags and guitarplayer Bram Stadhouders, are seeking the sound behind silence in 11 exciting improvisations.

Joost Lijbaart (1967), known from his work with saxophonist Yuri Honing, plays on the album with guitarist Bram Stadhouders (1987) and the young talented singer Sanne Rambags (1994). Joost Lijbaart is known as a versatile, highly creative an subdued drummer. He colours the music with subtle and layered rhythms. For his rhythms on Under the Surface Lijbaart draws from a broad sound palette of drums and percussion but at the same time uses his sounds sparingly, fully blended in the group sound.
The idea and the need to create an album using a free approach without fixed frames, was in Lijbaart for a long time. To play the music behind the music, or “what is there before the music starts, when silence transforms into music?” is essential in this quest.
The result is a beautiful, spherical, almost meditative album with dreamy melodies in a varied landscape. Slow hushed passages parry fast passages with propulsive trance-like rhythms.