Under The Surface Mine Triuwa

Under the Surface performed in 22 countries across 4 continents. From Columbia to Rwanda, Indonesia to Norway and Tanzania. For 5 years the group has been drawing inspiration from different cultures and traditions they encountered during their global travels.

All of these worlds live within Under the Surface, but how well do we know our own country? Our Dutch history? For this new music production, Under the Surface researches their own heritage. Us being Dutch. What is our folk tradition? Where will we find the connection with the world we traveled and their stories we’ve heard?

MINE TRIUWA means ‘my troth’, my word of honour, in old Dutch, spoken around 1200 BC. With the support of the Institute of the Dutch Language historic writing is researched, translated and newly written.

  • Joost Lijbaart – drums & percussion
  • Bram Stadhouders – guitar & compositions
  • Sanne Rambags – vocals & lyrics

Musically the group returns to their improvised sounds in various nations. Recordings of previous performances create the core of a suite of new compositions. Reliving their trips across the world.

The Netherlands and the world
How do our roots relate to the rest of our world? Are we, the Dutch, considered ‘worldly’? Or do only they, those we visited, perform ‘world-music’, and we can’t?