A book capturing the magic of the band in various ways

A book capturing the magic of the band in various ways

On May 21, 2015, drummer Joost Lijbaart, guitarist Bram Stadhouders, and vocalist Sanne Rambags played their first concert in Breda, The Netherlands. What started as an experiment quickly grew into a band that stormed the world. In the 9 years since their first meeting, the group has played more than 250 concerts in 30 countries. Now they look back on the formation of the band and try to capture the magic that arises every time Under the Surface comes together.

On July 17, a book and film about the band will be released, and on July 18, the album Yugen, with on it the band’s very first recordings, will be released.  During their latest album ‘Miin Triiuwa,’ the band was already searching for their own history and discovered their own folk by creating beautiful songs based on Old Dutch texts. Through a book, film, and album, they now
tell the story of the band and the elusive magic that has been there from the beginning.

The book

In 2020, the group started a collaboration with world-famous illustrator Mark Wilkinson (known from his work for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and many others) who, through his designs, capture the atmosphere of the band knows how to depict. The 100-page art book about Under the Surface gives an even deeper look into the soul of the group. hrough diary fragments, photos, and collages, you get to know the multiple layers that form Under the Surface. The reader also gets a behind-the-scenes look at the many worldwide tours over the past 9 years. What all happened during the countless tours? What development did the group go through? It is a book about reflection, making visible what is often invisible and looks ahead to the future.

The book also contains a CD with recordings that the group made in September 2020 as part of a recording for the NTR program New Generation. The group played a continuous set of 45 minutes in which their universal improvisation language can be heard beautifully.

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