Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet

Yuri Honing – saxophone
Wolfert Brederode – piano
Gulli Gudmundsson – bass
Joost Lijbaart – drums

I work with saxophonist Yuri Honing since the mid eighties. First in the Yuri Honing trio, Wired Paradise, the Oriënt Express and since 2008 in the Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet.
With this quartet we made two albums. True (2012) and Desire (2015). This year we will bring out our third album.

Press text album Desire:

Desire is a universal feeling, which is not only compelled by love or lust, but can be refelected in death and peace too. It encircles us and draws us in – many multifaceted feelings of desire.

Desire, is captured perfectly on Yuri Honing’s new album of the same title. It is an instrumental opera about desire. The eight tracks reflect eight different feelings of desire. Some pieces are about pain, some are hopeful and dreamy, and others are more resigned or even peaceful.

Renowned for mixing styles, Honing again explores his musical boundaries on ‘Desire’, with moving melodies framed by pop, classical music and early music compositional techniques. The track Lasciate Mi Morire (Let me die) is even a very literal reference to the beloved madrigal of Claudio Monteverdi dating from 1614.

Desire is a melancholy album, which will not only touch the listener, but grab him or her by the throat. The famous Dutch writer Gerard Reve once said: “Art is stylized human behaviour (or a product of it), which moves us.” And this album, Desire, is testimony of that.