Joost Lijbaart – drums / percussion
Wolfert Brederode – piano
Bram Stadhouders – guitar
Sean Fasciani – bass

Lijbaart and Brederode have been playing together as a duo since 2005. Their playing and blending to one instrument gets a new dimension in Batik.

For the new album Headland, the group was inspired by the internationally renowned artist Claudy Jongstra (known for her tapestries made of wool and felt).

What do felt and music have in common?

When you make felt you compile. You collect and arrange and with nothing but wool, water and abrasion a whole new fabric arises that did not exist before. Music is also a compilation. You position and merge notes and create a living moment that invokes an emotion.

When searching a metaphor for our music the name of Claudy Jongstra came to the surface. I am a great admirer of her tapestry’s. She works with wool and plant material in a special way. Experimenting, the whole process of unlikely arduous labour, the felting of materials into one with nothing but her own hands as tools. The colouring and all the tiny steps that lead to one great end product full of life. I could not have found a more beautiful symbolization of what Batik is all about.

About the album Headland

… The new quartet delivers a beauty of an album ..
(4 stars, Jasper Jan Tamboer, Parool)

Batik … The quartet brings a new conception of jazz…
(4 stars, Trouw)

…Just wonderful …
(4 stars, Gijsbert Room, De Volkskrant)

So subtle … and played with nuance that you get butterflies in your stomach …
(Mattie Poels, Music Frames)

… A feast for the ears …
(5 stars, Dutch Dagblad)

photo Paul Bergen